How To Keep Yourself Accountable

Committing yourself to an exercise program can be scary and nerve wracking. Here are some ways you can hold yourself accountable that helped me get started, and things I’ve learned along the way of my fitness journey.
Preparing what you need to do ahead
If you’re a person who likes to wake up and get it done, set out your clothes next to your bed so you’re ready to go in the morning. You can pack your gym bag before work or running errands, and leave it in the car so you don’t have to go home and change. When you have everything ready to go it makes it so much easier to get to your workout in and it helps you get in that mindset.
Getting in the right mind set.
When you start thinking more positively about your fitness journey and understanding why it’s important to you it helps you motivate yourself a little more. When you dread your workout you’re setting yourself up for failure. Positive thinking rules all.
Find yourself an accountability partner or workout buddy
When you have someone who wants the same goals and healthy lifestyle it makes the beginning of your journey so much easier. If that person isn’t feeling up for a workout or eating well its always nice to have someone to push you, whether it’s a partner, friend, or coworker. Plus you can make some really cool goals and treat yourself with positive rewards together. if you don’t know anyone maybe consider hiring a personal trainer or start a group training program!
Track Your Progress
Whether its your weight loss, how strong your feeling, or progress pictures, its so important to keep track of your journey. When I first started my fitness journey I didn’t take enough progress pictures and I really wish I did! It’s so rewarding to look back at pictures from the past to see how far you’ve come.
Trust the Process
It is so common for people to quit an exercise program because they aren’t seeing the results as fast as they want. You can’t be discouraged by the scale. Progress pictures, increase in strength, and outfits that fit again are good ways to know your body is changing. Keeping your body moving is the most important thing. Trust the process and you will be great.
Its not always easy holding yourself accountable but I hope the examples I gave you can help. There are so many ways to keep yourself accountable, but it’s all up to you and how ready you are for that change. From experience, I can say it wasn’t easy, but making that change for myself was the best thing I could’ve done. I’m so happy I trusted the process and stuck with my goals!
You Vs. You

Wake-up with Koertney

Wake-up with Koertney

Whether you’re a working mom, a person with no kids, or even a SAHM, sometimes we only have 20-30 minutes to ourselves, if that. In the last month or so I have found that is getting harder and harder to find that alone time to reset myself, which has always been so important to me. Here I give you my little morning routine to make sure I get that reset.

Before kids, and working at Limitless I used to wake up each morning at 4 A.M. just to make sure I could get my workout done and out of the way. I still really enjoy doing it, but sometimes that isn’t the case. I’m tired, busy with kids, and my schedule isn’t the same as it was a year ago so I’m not going to lie when I say it kinda messed me up a little. So I had to figure out what works for me!

Each morning I have my alarm set at 5 A.M., and I know that seems too early for some people, but it works for me. I make my pot of coffee, and get dressed for my walk. With this walk I just bring myself, no music, I really try to focus on the sounds of nature. I think that is the most important part because living a busy lifestyle I don’t actually take in and listen to how beautiful the sunrise is, or the birds chirping as I once did. I used to be such a sucker for that sunrise in the morning and it has felt so nice to bring it back in my life. The mental clarity I get from just the 15-20 minute walk is so refreshing. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll run a mile, but nothing too crazy. This charges my batteries to keep me up and going for the rest of the day.

After my walk, I pour my cup of coffee and wash my face. Ladies, no matter what age you are always wash and moisturize that beautiful face, especially one that has SPF in it. This was recommended by my dermatologist. After I wash my face I always feel like a brand new woman.

While I drink my coffee I grab my journal and just start writing. Rule of thumb of journaling, even if you don’t have anything to write, pen your thoughts. The amount of pages I have of just nonsense is a little silly, but it keeps me in the habit, and sometimes its neat to look back at on how much I’ve improved. I’ll talk about journaling in another blog, but this is something I try to do each morning. It should take up to 5-10 minutes of your time, depending on what you’re writing.

My morning routine is something that I genuinely enjoy doing, and that’s why it’s so important to find that time to replenish and recharge. We spend the majority of our day pleasing others, whether it be your kids, your significant other, boss, or coworkers. You owe it to yourself to make sure you have time. Even if you have to set your alarm an hour earlier than usual, or staying up a little later to get that me time, I invite you to set little goals for yourself by getting up, and starting that walk in the morning! Start small and work your way up to your bigger goals!


Tonya’s March Workouts

Here are my March workouts. My main focus is tightening up the booty for summer so I do have 3 leg days in there. It’s highly suggested to have a printout so you can write down your progress for the month. Set some small weight goals each week. Beginners should do 3 sets, Advanced so do 4 sets. Leg day 1 will be a long one if you are lifting heavy with the long bar.
Enjoy T

Tonya’s December Workouts 2020

I always love this season!  It’s the season to build something great and have it ready for summer.  You don’t have to diet or dial in for another couple of months.  These workouts are all about lifting and very little cardio. Cardio will consist of a 10-15 min warm-up and a 10 -15 min steady state cardio finisher.

Leg Day 1
Sumo squat with BC Bar
Good mornings
Sissy Bulgarians smith machine
Hip Thruster
Cable kickbacks
Hamstring Curls

Leg Day 2
Reverse hack squat
Reverse lunge of legend machine
Abductor machine
Quad Extension
Box Jumps
TRX Hip bridge

Back Workout
Rope Trainer pull-down
Cable row or Landmine Back row
Singe arm dumbbell row
Straight arm pull-down

Shoulders – Cables
Cable Shoulder Press or Landmine Shoulder Press
Cable Front Raise
Cable bent over single arm fly
Cable lateral raises
Battle ropes in between sets

Total Body
SM squat and press
SM back row
SM SB sit-ups
SB knee tucks
SB Back extensions

Tricep press downs + OH tricep burn out
Close grip bench
Hammer curls
Barbell curls or 21’s
Tricep pushups
TRX Tricep Extensions

Keep and eye out for my social media.  I will be posting videos on these workouts