I always love this season!  It’s the season to build something great and have it ready for summer.  You don’t have to diet or dial in for another couple of months.  These workouts are all about lifting and very little cardio. Cardio will consist of a 10-15 min warm-up and a 10 -15 min steady state cardio finisher.

Leg Day 1
Sumo squat with BC Bar
Good mornings
Sissy Bulgarians smith machine
Hip Thruster
Cable kickbacks
Hamstring Curls

Leg Day 2
Reverse hack squat
Reverse lunge of legend machine
Abductor machine
Quad Extension
Box Jumps
TRX Hip bridge

Back Workout
Rope Trainer pull-down
Cable row or Landmine Back row
Singe arm dumbbell row
Straight arm pull-down

Shoulders – Cables
Cable Shoulder Press or Landmine Shoulder Press
Cable Front Raise
Cable bent over single arm fly
Cable lateral raises
Battle ropes in between sets

Total Body
SM squat and press
SM back row
SM SB sit-ups
SB knee tucks
SB Back extensions

Tricep press downs + OH tricep burn out
Close grip bench
Hammer curls
Barbell curls or 21’s
Tricep pushups
TRX Tricep Extensions

Keep and eye out for my social media.  I will be posting videos on these workouts